Local Area Preschools

Profiles of most of the preschools and morning out programs in the Orange County, N.C., area. We have tried to include as many as we are aware of.

Preschools A to Z

The following pages organize preschools by town and by type—categories such as educational philosophy, launguage immersion, etc. (note that not all of the preschools we list fit into one of these categories. For a complete list of all preschools, see the A to Z page):

Preschools by Location

Preschools by Type


Daycare Information: If you are looking for information on daycares rather than preschools, the Child Care Services Association, a local private, nonprofit, United Way agency can provide information on local options, in addition to a variety of other child-care related resources.

Last Reviewed: 12 March 2008

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