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The Book & Film Club (formerly the "Book Club") meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Over the past several years we have read a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction books (see a list of our past selections.) Starting in September 2006, members decided to expand the club's horizons to include film. We will see a film every month, followed by a discussion. Because theater listings change weekly, we will not be choosing films until close to the meeting date, to be sure we are working from the most current listing. Please check back closer to the meeting date for film and time information. We will also send out an e-mail announcement to club members.

For more information about the book club, contact our book club coordinator, Rachel Baer. Rachael encourages everyone to buy their books from local, independent bookstores. We have many fantastic ones in the area, including Flyleaf Books, McIntyre's in Fearrington Village, The Regulator on Ninth Street in Durham, and Quail Ridge Books on Wade Avenue in Raleigh.

For information about the film club, please contact Inna Shapiro.

Film Night
Thursday, February 25th is movie night!
The film club will meet on Thursday, February 25th. Watch your e-mail for the film, time, and location of the movie, as those matters are determined by the whims of the local theaters, movie industry, and the film selection committee. Watch for an email from the film club, coordiated for all details of the movie time location. Come out and play!! If you have any questions, email Inna Shapiro.

Book Club

Tuesday, April 13th at 7:30PM
Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, in the back room
Little Bee by Chris Cleave
The book may be purchase from Flyleaf Books for 20% off. Please mention our book club when making the purchase.

From Publishers Weekly

A violent incident on a Nigerian beach has tragic echoes in posh London in Cleaves beautifully staged if haphazardly plotted debut novel. British couple Andrew ORourke and his wife, Sarah, are on vacation when they come across two sisters, Little Bee and Nkiruka, on the run from the killers who have massacred everyone else in their villagein the pay, it turns out, of an oil company seeking the land. Soon the killers arrive and propose a not-quite-credible deal: they will trade the girls if Andrew and Sarah each cut off a finger. Andrew cant do it, but Sarah does, and the killers drag the girls away. So two years later, when Little Bee shows up at Sarahs house on the day of the funeral for Andrew, who has killed himself, it seems almost miraculous. Later, however, its revealed that Little Bee has been hiding around the ORourke place, and that Andrew seeing her set off his suicide. Sarah nevertheless determines to help Little Bee get refugee status. Cleave has a sharp cinematic eye, but the plot is undermined by weak motivations and coincidences.

If you have any questions or suggestions for a book we should consider for the book club, please contact Rachel Baer.

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