Our Volunteers

To learn more about volunteering with the Club, please email us with the subject line “Volunteer” to discuss current and upcoming opportunities.

As part of the CHCMC Board, these members donate their time and energy to make this club a fantastic resource for our community:

President: Bronwen Fordyce


Treasurer: Sarah McInnes

Babysitting Coordinator: Dina Perrine

Book Club Coordinator:

Film Club Coordinator: Denise Coder

Fitness Coordinator: Bronwen Fordyce (interim)

Google Group Moderator: Dilip Barman

Membership Coordinator: Ann Koonce

Mom’s Night Out Coordinator: Yelena Etten

Morning Meeting Coordinator: Lindsay Harvath

Newsletter Coordinator: Bronwen Fordyce

Playgroup (Open) Coordinator: Miranda Wright & Julee Balko

Playgroup (Closed) Coordinator: Susannah Hunter

Preschool Fair Coordinator: Dilip Barman

Publicity Coordinator: Lisa Reitzes

Service Project Committee: Elizabeth DiLeonardi

Special Events Coordinator: Elizabeth Pyle

Website Coordinator: Bronwen Fordyce (interim)