Ask Anything – October 2014

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by: Dr. Tina Lepage Q: I have three children under the age of six. They are great kids and I have no complaints about their behavior overall but sometimes they get on my nerves! This is usually around dinnertime when they’re all hungry and my husband is not home from work yet. The kids start whining about being hungry while I’m still cooking dinner. Everything becomes really unpleasant … [Read more...]

President’s Note – October 2014


by: Inna Shapiro Starting Over.  Once Again. As parents we constantly seek to teach our children important life lessons: candy causes cavities, hitting your brother will likely cause him to hit you back, and eating boogers makes you the least popular kid at the lunch table.  One of the most important lessons we can teach them is about persistence.  Even as they take their first steps we … [Read more...]

Feature Article – Reach, Routine, and Refresh

Reach, Routine, and Refresh: One Mom’s Approach to Personal Revolution By Bronwen Fordyce I recently moved to the Triangle area, and with moving comes change.  I went from working outside the home, and living in a condo in the city on the other side of North America, to being a stay at home Mom, in a suburban home.  With so much change already occurring, I decided it was a great time for … [Read more...]

Featured Article – William by Jeff Hall

William by: Jeff Hall *Originally written for CHART — Chapel Hill Autism Resources and Tools*   3 years and 21 days ago, I made a decision that I swore I would never make. I dropped my firstborn son off at a state run program in a mental hospital, admitting to him and to the world that our family was no longer the best place for him, and that someone else was better equipped … [Read more...]

President’s Note – June 2014


Hi Moms and Dads! Are you ready for a long hot summer?  It is already steamy out there so make sure you keep yourselves and your kids cool this summer by visiting our wonderful local pools and beaches. Lots of suggestions have been posted on the Facebook page lately about which beaches are the best, but if you have your own recommendations to share, please do so! I'd love to see the … [Read more...]

Ask Anything – Delayed Reading – June 2014

tina lepage

Delayed Reading by: Dr. Tina Lepage Q: I have two kids – a six year old boy and a four year old girl. My daughter is learning to read already and quickly catching up with her older brother. My son has begun to say he doesn’t like to read, especially after he sees my daughter reading. I’m not sure if he is delayed or if my daughter is just really early in learning to read. They’re both … [Read more...]

Ask Anything – Sibling Sleep Challenges – April 2014

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Sibling Sleep Challenges by: Dr. Tina Lepage Q: My wife and I recently had a second child, but this question is about our older child, and we're not sure if this problem is related or not to having added a sibling to the mix. The problem is that my 4-year-old insists on waking me up every morning around 4:00am! I'm exhausted and need help. A: Wow, a preschooler with sleeping challenges and … [Read more...]

President’s Note – April 2014


I think Spring is finally here to stay.  At least I hope it is!  I think we have all had a long crazy winter and are ready to head outside with our kiddos to have some family fun. If you are new to the area, I think you'll really enjoy what the local scene has to offer.  There are Easter egg hunts at Homestead park: a flashlight hunt for older kids during the evening on April 4th, and a … [Read more...]

Ask Anything – Spring Break Guidelines – February 2014

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Spring Break Guidelines by: Dr. Tina Lepage Q: Spring break is coming up and my children who are freshman and sophomore (one boy, one girl) in high school want to go away to a beach with other kids and parents I don't know well. On one hand I don't want to be a stick in the mud, but this really is the kind of thing I imagine a senior in high school doing, not younger. I don't want to be the … [Read more...]

Presidents Note – February 2014


Hello Moms and Dads, I hope you're not having too hard a time entertaining the little ones with this crazy weather we're having.  Perhaps you've been out in the snow or enjoying one of the great indoor kids' museums in the area.  Perhaps you've been helping your kids make Valentines Day cards for their friends. Whatever you're up to, I hope you also take a some time to do something fun for … [Read more...]