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This list is composed of local childcare facilities that have participated in the club’s Annual Preschool Fair. The Mothers Club provides this information as a resource and does not specifically endorse any of the schools. The information listed is subject to change, and details should be confirmed with each school. Clicking on the name of a school will open their website (unless they have none).

1870 Farm Preschool and Kindergarten

1224 Old Lystra Road

Chapel Hill, NC

(919) 260-6859


Age range: 2-5 years

Tuition: $310 to $675 per month (offering 2, 3, 4 and 5 day options), plus a supply fee of $150 for 2016/17 school year

Scholarships available: Scholarships are available on a limited basis; for the 2016/17 school year, we provided scholarships to two families

Accreditation: No

Application deadline: Open enrollment

Application fee: No application fee

School starts: Late August-Early September, depending on the year

School runs: 8:30am – 12:30pm, Monday through Friday

Class size: 14 children per class; mixed age

Student:teacher ratio: 7:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Because our school is Reggio Emilia-inspired, we encourage parent involvement and collaboration. A core value of 1870 Farm Preschool is parental connection with each other and to the life of their child at school. Having said that, we want parents to feel inspired and fulfilled, not burdened, by their participation. What you are able to give we are grateful to embrace!

Special features: 1870 Farm Preschool and Kindergarten is a nature-based, Reggio Emilia inspired school where students spend 75% of their day outdoors. Our school is located on a 17-acre farm which is home to donkeys, alpacas, sheep, many pygmy goats and a plethora of silly chickens! We engage daily with the animals (as soon as children are comfortable with them).

We provide snack each day for the children (fresh veggies & fruit plus wholesome crackers) and lunch twice per week from the Children’s Cookery (our students make lunch for their classmates with teachers’ assistance). Parents provide lunch three times per week.

We are committed to valuing every child, parent, care-giver and staff member as a contributing force that supports the co-construction of our school. The school offers family breakfasts every two weeks, parent dinners every month and a variety of community-building activities such as book studies and more.


219 Kenion Road

Hillsborough NC 27278




Age range: 2-4 years

Tuition: Tuition ranges from $220 to $480 (offering 2 to 5 days per week) plus a yearly deposit/supply fee of $250

Scholarships available: Tuition assistance may be available

Accreditation: Certified by Lifeways North America

Application deadline: Open enrollment

Application fee: No application fee

School starts: After Labor Day

School runs: 8:45am – 12:30pm, Monday through Friday

Class size: Varies, typically 6-8 children per day

Student:teacher ratio: 6:1 to 8:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Involvement not required, but appreciated

Special features: Play & nature-based learning; creative & imaginative play encouraged with wooden toys, watercolor painting, dress-up and daily outdoor play; seasonal craft activities; weekly bread baking with the children; daily healthy snacks provided.


8800 Seawell School Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27516




Age range: 1-6 yrs

Tuition: $280 to $640 per month depending on age and days attending

Scholarships available: Yes, full and partial

Accreditation: ANS is pursuing accreditation. Teachers have Bachelor degrees in Education with graduate work and NC Certifications.

Application deadline: Now enrolling

Application fee: First installment of tuition to hold future space. No fee for students enrolling and starting at the same time.

School starts: Students may start anytime there is space. School starts right after Labor Day and runs to Memorial Day. Summer Camp program available.

School runs: 9am-12:30pm Monday-Friday

Class size: A maximum of 8 toddlers and 12 preschoolers.

Student:teacher ratio: 4:1 to 6:1

Level of toilet training required: Not at all. When children are ready we will work with the parents to provide a consistent positive process.

Parental participation required: Parents are encouraged to spend the day once or twice a month. If they are unable, alternatives can be arranged.

Special features: Days are spent in our beautiful, rich classrooms and in our outdoor learning environments designed to challenge, support and celebrate childhood. Authentic learning and self-esteem develop when children grow organic foods in the school garden and bake fresh bread for snack. Our project-based approach develops curiosity, motivation and academic skills. The process mentors collaborative working. Art appreciation and art skills as well as music and creativity are fostered. Exposure to yoga, puppetry, beeswax modeling, pottery, group games, storytelling and a variety of art mediums promotes the development of knowledgeable focused learners.


632 Laurel Hill Road

Chapel Hill NC 27514



Age range: 2–4 years

Tuition: 2-year-olds, Tues/Wed/Thurs, $240/month, one time supply fee $165; 3-year-olds, Mon/Wed/Fri,, $255/month; one time supply fee $165; 4-year-olds, M-F, $370/month, one time supply fee $225

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: Affiliated with the Durham/Orange Preschool Association

Application deadline: Rolling admissions

Application fee: $30 one-time fee, non-refundable. All application fees go towards our scholarship fund

School starts: Day after Labor Day

School runs: 2- and 3-year olds: 9am – 12pm, with optional lunch bunch until 1pm on Wednesdays for 3-year olds; 4-year olds: 9:15am – 12:15pm with optional lunch bunch until 1:15pm on Mondays and Wednesdays

Class size: 2-year olds, 10 students; 3-year olds, 12 students; 4-year olds, 14 students

Student:teacher ratio: 2-year olds, 5:1; 3-year olds, 6:1; 4-year olds, 7:1

Level of toilet training required: Recommended for 3-year olds; required for 4-year olds

Parental participation required: Parents clean classroom toys once a year. They are encouraged to share talents, substitute teach, and to help out with social events, fundraising, and field trips.

Special features: 3- and 4-year olds attend age-appropriate “chapel time” once a week. Our wonderful shady playground is an outdoor classroom inviting children to explore God’s natural world. We have a music teacher who visits our 3’s and 4’s classes every other week. Teachers are trained in Handwriting Without Tears.


1004 Watts St.

Durham, NC 27701




Age range: 18 mos. to Pre-K

Tuition: ♦ Play Pals (18 mo – 24 mo): (3 days) $294/month ♦ Toddler Time (2s): (2 days) $220/month, or (3 days) $330/month ♦ Early Preschool (3s): (5 days) $399/month ♦ Pre-Kindergarten (older 3s and 4s): (5 days) $399/month

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: Not accredited

Application deadline: We begin accepting applications in early January

Application fee: $75, non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: 9am-noon, with optional lunch bunch

Class size: 8 for twos, 12 for 3- and 4-year olds

Student:teacher ratio: 4:1 for twos, 6:1 for 3- and 4-year olds

Level of toilet training required: Children progress at their own rate.

Parental participation required: Encouraged and appreciated but not required.

Special features: Inclusion Lunch Bunch, Music is for Sharing, Tumblebus, Museum of Life and Science in house field trips, Brain Dance, Jewish Environment with many children from other faiths.


Chapel Hill Bible Church


260 Erwin Road

Chapel Hill NC 27514

919-408-0310 (ext #114)



Age range: 2-4 years

Tuition: ♦ 2-year olds, 2 days a week, $175/month (Mon and Wed) ♦ 2-year olds, 3 days a week, $250/month (Mon, Tues and Wed) ♦ 3-year olds, 3 days a week, $250/month (Mon, Tues and Wed) ♦ 4-year olds, 3 days a week, $250/month (Mon, Tues and Wed) ♦ 4-year olds, 4 days a week, $325/month (Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thu)

There is also a non-refundable supply fee (amount varies, depending on age of child and number of days attending).

Scholarships available: No scholarships are currently available, however, there is the opportunity to reduce tuition by working as a substitute.

Accreditation: N/A. Long-standing member of Durham Orange Preschool Organization (DOPA). Director currently serves on DOPA Annual Conference Committee with three other area preschool Directors.

Application deadline: Applications are received year round. Wait list is ongoing.

Application fee: None, but a $45 non-refundable Registration fee due at registration.

School starts: After Labor Day

School runs: 9am – 12pm

Class size: 2-, 3- and 4-year olds, 12 children each

Student:teacher ratio: 2-, 3- and 4-year olds, 6:1

Level of toilet training required: Not at all for 2-year-olds; 3- and 4-year olds should be trained.

Parental participation required: Bible Church Preschool has a paid lead teacher and assistant teacher in each class. It is not a cooperative. In addition to paying tuition, the parents rotate snack duty by bringing a simple snack (such as crackers and fruit) and a bottle of juice for the children in their age group to share on their assigned dates. Parents also are assigned substitute duty between two and six dates per year depending upon the number of days their child attends. If we have any staff absent on your assigned days, we may need you stay at school that morning to assist in one of the classes, but not necessarily in your child’s class. If you work that day, you will receive a $30 tuition credit. If we don’t need you on your assigned day, then we will send you on your way for a free morning!

Special features: Gesell model preschool, strong international population, optional Gesell developmental observations for children eligible for Kindergarten, home visits to get to know children before school starts, Bring Your Grown-up to School Day, staggered entry in September.


1712 Willow Drive

Chapel Hill NC 27514




Age range: 2–4 years

Tuition: 2 days, $179/month; 3 days, $244/month; 5 days (4’s only), $379/month

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: Binkley Preschool has elected to voluntarily relinquish our accredited status with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC has implemented new criteria that we feel will impede, rather than progress, our educational mission. Binkley Preschool will continue to self-study and implement the 1998 standards under which we were accredited.

Application deadline: We accept applications year round. The initial deadline for the following year is January 31.

Application fee: $35, non-refundable

School starts: Day after Labor Day

School runs: 9:00am – 12:00pm; Lunch bunch extended hours until 1:00pm, available to toilet-trained students in 3- and 4-year old classes by lottery.

Class size: 2-year olds, 10 children; 3-year olds, 14 children; 4-year olds, 16 children

Student:teacher ratio: 2-year olds, 5:1; 3-year olds, 7:1; 4-year olds, 8:1

Level of toilet training required: 2’s: Are not required to be potty trained; 3’s: We ask that families be working towards potty training; 4’s: We expect that the children in our 4’s classes are potty trained.

Parental participation required: Parental involvement is always welcome but not required.

Special features: ♦ Well-rounded program established in 1965 ♦ 4-year-old classes offer PE once a week with PE teacher, music each week with a music teacher and a drama workshop weekly ♦ 2’s and 3’s offer an introduction to drama and movement and have music every other week with a music teacher ♦ All classes enjoy large, natural playgrounds and light-filled rooms ♦ Binkley sponsors school-wide community service projects each year ♦ Binkley Preschool has a convenient location with ample parking and is on local bus routes.


Chapel Hill Early School Campus

531 Raleigh Road

Chapel Hill NC 27514

Early School

4809 Friends School Road

Durham NC 27705 (in Orange County)

919-383-6602, Ext. 221


Age range: 3–6 years

Tuition: (2015-16 rates) 8:30am – 12:30pm, $10,930; 8:30am – 3:15pm, $15,950; 8:30am – 5:15pm, $19,240.

Scholarships available: Yes; over 25 percent of families receive need-based tuition aid, although three- or four-year olds receive less than older students since most is allocated to families with children in Kindergarten and up.

Accreditation: Carolina Friends School is an associate member of the NC Association of Independent Schools, a member of the Southern Association of Independent Schools and National Association of Independent Schools, and affiliated with the Friends Council on Education.

Application deadline: Applications received by January 4 are considered for the first round of admission, and those received afterwards are considered as space allows. Early applications are encouraged, since the process involves a main campus tour and parent interview at the Early School parents designate as their first choice.

Application fee: $60, non-refundable

School starts: CFS usually begins in the last week of August and ends in early June

School runs: Half day, 8:15 or 8:30am – 12:30pm; Full day, 8:30am – 3:15pm; Extended day, 8:30am – 5:15pm

Class size: Chapel Hill Early School has two classes: 18 three- and four-year olds work with two teachers, and 11 5- and 6-year olds work with one teacher; there is also a head teacher. At Campus Early School, the three-, four- and five-year olds work together in a class of 18 to 23 children and two or three teachers, as well as a head teacher.

Student:teacher ratio: 9:1 or 10:1, plus work-study students or teaching assistants

Level of toilet training required: Children need to be toilet-trained before entering CFS; we do not have a diaper-changing station at the Early Schools.

Parental participation required: The only parent involvement required is attendance at parent-teacher conferences three times a year. We appreciate help at family workdays, in the classroom, or on field trips if parents are able to offer their time, but such involvement is not mandatory.

Special features: The CFS Early Schools’ emergent curriculum is child-centered and play-oriented, reflecting the Quaker belief in the unique worth of each individual, as well as the work of developmental psychologists and the legacy of traditional nursery schools. The day begins with “settling in,” a quiet circle time, which is followed by opportunities for quiet and active work, in small and large groups. Students make choices, have responsibilities, learn to resolve conflicts peacefully, and enjoy plenty of time outdoors. The CFS Early Schools draw inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, and teachers attend Reggio Emilia conferences and workshops, among other professional development opportunities.


200 Hillsborough Road

Carrboro NC 27510

Phone: 919-929-5143

Fax: 919-969-7881


Age range: 12 months–5 years

Tuition: Toddlers, $1055/month; 2-year olds, $955/month; 3-year olds, $925/month; 4- to 5-year olds, $905/month

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Four-star license from the State of North Carolina.

Application deadline: No deadline; year-round admissions

Application fee: $50

School starts: Year-round school

School runs: 7:30am – 5:30pm

Class size: toddlers, 9; 2-year olds, 10; 3-year olds, 14; 4-year olds, 14

Student:teacher ratio: 2 teachers per class

Level of toilet training required: Children do not need to be toilet-trained.

Parental participation required: Parental involvement welcome.

Special features: Some religious education, Spanish/English-speaking staff, computers.


125 W. Main St.

Carrboro, NC 27510


(above is office address, all classrooms are in CHCCS elementary schools)


Age range: 3–4 years

Tuition: $1000/month

Scholarships available: Head Start funding, based on need

Accreditation: Fully accredited 4- and 5-star

Application deadline: Ongoing

Application fee: None

School starts: End of August (Chapel Hill-Carrboro school system)

School runs: Monday to Friday. Regular hours are 8am – 2:30pm. Extended Care hours are 7:30am – 5:30pm. Extended care is available based on need.

Class size: No more than 18 students (currently 15/class)

Student:teacher ratio: 9:1 max

Level of toilet training required: Prefer fully trained, but not required

Parental participation required: Not required but always encouraged!

Special features: ♦ Locally and federally funded child development program serving three- and four-year-old children throughout the community ♦ Committed to actively recruiting and enrolling children with disabilities/special needs ♦ Comprehensive program that provides education, health, mental health, nutrition, parent involvement, family services, and disability services ♦ Leader in efforts to improve early childhood education ♦ Provider of parent education and life skills training that will improve the quality of life for families and children ♦ Designed to meet the needs of the community served and enhance its ethnic and cultural characteristics ♦ Committed to respecting and enabling parents as the primary educators of their children ♦ The hope for a better tomorrow and the promise of a brighter future ♦ Spanish immersion/dual-language available in some classrooms.


Infant/Toddler Site

110 N. Elliot Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Preschool Site

106 Purefoy Rd

Chapel Hill, NC 27514




Age range: Infant/Toddler Site, 6 weeks–2 years; Preschool Site, 2–5 years

Tuition: Rates vary depending on number of days/week attending (2, 3 or 5) ♦ Infants: full-day, $825 – $1,650; 3/4-day, $615 – $1,320 ♦ Toddlers: full-day, $816 – $1,632; 3/4-day, $628 – $1,306 ♦ 2-year-olds: full-day, $689 – $1,377; 3/4 day, $551 – $1,102; 1/2-day, $414 – $827 ♦ 3- to 5-year-olds: full-day, $679 – $1,357; 3/4-day, $543 – $1,085; 1/2-day, $407 – $814

Scholarships available: Inquire

Accreditation: Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC); Five-Star License

Application deadline: No deadline

Application fee: $25, non-refundable

School starts: Last week in August; slots filled throughout year

School runs: Full-day, 7:30am – 5:30pm; 3/4-day, 7:30am – 3pm; 1/2-day, 7:30am – 12pm (not available at Infant/Toddler Site)

Class size: Infants, 6 children; Toddlers, 8 children; 2-year-olds, 10 or 12 children; 3- to 5-year-olds, 7 or 8 children

Student:teacher ratio: Infants, 3:1; Toddlers, 4:1; 2-year-olds, 6:1; 2- to 3-year-olds, 6:1; 3- to 4-year-olds, 7:1; 4- to 5-year-olds, 8:1

Level of toilet training required: Not at all

Parental participation required: Families are required to participate 6 hours/month with a variety of jobs that can be done during and after school hours

Special features: The CHCP mission is to partner with families from diverse backgrounds to respect and honor childhood, celebrate independence and support children as they learn and grow through play.


401 Kildaire Road

Chapel Hill NC




Age range: 8 weeks–5 years

Tuition: Fulltime program rates: ♦ Infants: $1620 ♦ Toddlers $1550 ♦ Two Year olds $1440 ♦ Three Year olds and a Three/Four class $1295 ♦ Four/Five Year olds $1195

Scholarships available: We accept DSS subsidy and UNC scholarships

Accreditation: Accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) assures parents that our program is based on solid research regarding best practices for fostering children’s development and learning in group settings. 5-star license through the NC Department of Child Development & Early Education.

Application deadline: Rolling/apply anytime. Enrollment for August is confirmed in the spring. Additional enrollment occurs at the time any family withdraws from the program.

Application fee: $50, non-refundable

School starts: year round, from August to August

School runs: 7:30am-5:45pm

Class size: Infants, 6; Young Toddlers, 8, Older Toddlers 10; Threes, 15; Fours/Fives, 10

Student:teacher ratio: Infants, 3:1; Young Toddlers, 4:1, Older Toddlers 5:1; Threes, 7.5:1; Fours/Fives, 10:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Each family is required to donate at least 3 hours of their time annually, but parent involvement is always welcomed.

Special features: Nutritious meals prepared by on site chef. Fabulous walking-friendly neighborhood. Nonprofit with board of parents, community members, and staff representatives.


1211 Carroll Street

Durham NC 27707




Age range: 2 3/4–5 years

Tuition: $7,150/year, plus registration fee of half one month tuition

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: We have been accredited by NAEYC for many years, but chose not to participate in the recently revised system. We have a four-star license from the state of North Carolina.

Application deadline: Rolling/apply anytime

Application fee: $50, non-refundable

School starts: Follow the Durham public school calendar.

School runs: Monday to Thursday, 8:30am-1pm

Class size: One mixed-age group of 12 children with two teachers.

Student:teacher ratio: 6:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: None

Special features: Our non-profit program emphasizes collaboration between parents and teachers, and offers children access to many beautiful and open-ended materials for exploration and expression; nurtures and inspires children’s relationship with nature; and focuses on helping children live well in community, including learning about diversity and conflict resolution.


110 Kingston Drive

Chapel Hill NC 27514





Age range: 2–4 years

Tuition: 2-year-olds, $995/month; 3-year-olds, $895/month; 4-year-olds, $875/month

Scholarships available: Through Child Care Services Association

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: None

Application fee: No application fee. $250 non-refundable enrollment fee.

School starts: School is year-round

School runs: 7:30am – 5:45pm

Class size: 2-year-olds, 14-16; 3-year-olds, 18; 4-year-olds, 24

Student:teacher ratio: 2-year-olds, 8:1; 3-year-olds, 9:1; 4-year-olds, 9:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Not a cooperative. We request parent volunteers and class helpers if parents are able to.

Special features: Music, Spanish, computers, active learning curriculum, and open court reading program.


2025 Ephesus Church Road

Chapel Hill NC 27517



Age range: 1–5 years

Tuition: Varies by age and days attending; (2, 3, 4, or 5 days/week) see our website for details. ♦ 2-year olds: $221-$444/month ♦ 3- and 4-year olds: $218-$546/month ♦ 4- and 5-year olds: $214-$536/month

$100 one-time enrollment fee, annual supply fee $50-$250 based on number of days attending. Annual cleaning fee of $71/family.

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: We accept applications year round, but reserve spots for the following school year for families who have turned in their application by February 1.

Application fee: $25, non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: 9am – 1pm

Class size: 1-yr-olds, 4; 2-yr-olds, 5; 3-yr olds, 7; 4- and 5-yr. olds, 8-10

Student:teacher ratio: 1-year-olds, 4:1; 2-year-olds, 5:1; 3-year-olds, 7:1; 4-year-olds, 8:1 to 10:1

Level of toilet training required: We work with the family and child when the child is toilet training. Children do not need to be toilet-trained to attend.

Parental participation required: We are a cooperative playschool. Families are asked to contribute 4 to 6 hours a month to a family job.

Special features:


800 Market Street

Southern Village

Chapel Hill NC 27516




Age range: 2–4 years

Tuition: ♦ 2 year olds, 2 days/wk: $180/mo ♦ 3 year olds, 2 days/wk: $187/mo (one day lunch bunch/wk included) ♦ 3 year olds, 3 days/wk: $262/mo (one day lunch bunch/wk included) ♦ 4 year olds, 4 days/wk: $345/mo (two days lunch bunch/wk included) ♦ 4 year olds, 5 days/wk: $413/mo (two days lunch bunch/wk included)

Additional annual supply and equipment fee ($170 for 2s and 3s, $200 for 4s)

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: January 31st

Application fee: $35

School starts: September (day after Labor Day)

School runs: 9:00am – 12:00pm, with lunch bunch extending hours to 1:00pm on selected days

Class size: 2-year-olds, 10; 3-year-olds, 12; 4-year-olds, 15

Student:teacher ratio: 2-year-olds, 5:1; 3-year-olds, 6:1; 4-year-olds, 7 1/2:1

Level of toilet training required: Recommended for 3-year-olds; required for 4-year-olds

Parental participation required: Attend orientation meeting, provide snacks on rotating basis, take one cleaning turn per year.

Special features: Parents can participate in several volunteer positions in the classrooms and on our Preschool Board of Directors – whatever fits your schedule! Our students enjoy a weekly music class with Erica Berry and a child-friendly Chapel time with director, Debbie Arena. Our lunch bunch fees are included in tuition – no extra checks to write! Please contact us for a tour.


102 Hargraves Street

Carrboro, NC 27510




Age range: Infants (2 months) – 5 yrs

Tuition: Full time rates as follows ♦ Infants: $1,490/month ♦ Toddlers: $1,415/month ♦ Twos: $1,315/month ♦ Threes: $1,175/month ♦ Fours and Fives: $1,100/month

Lower rates for 3/4 and 1/2 time slots.

Scholarships available: Yes, based on eligibility and funding

Accreditation: NAEYC accredited and 5-Star NC licensed

Application deadline: Rolling; pre-K spaces available beginning September 1.

Application fee: None. Non-refundable one-time registration fee $100

School starts: August 25

School runs: School is open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm- Full-time (37.5 to 50 hours per week); 3/4 time (26 – 37.5 hours per week) and 1⁄2 time care available (25 hours or less per week)

Class size: Infants-5; Toddlers-8; Twos/Threes-14; Fours/Fives-16

Student:teacher ratio: Infants 3:1; Toddlers 4:1; Two and a half/Threes 7:1; Fours/Fives 8:1

Level of toilet training required: Children do not have to be toilet trained; center works with family when they are ready to start the process

Parental participation required: Parent participation is an important part of the program. We encourage parent participation with many options, including volunteering in the classrooms or with field trips, serving on the board or committees, helping with outdoor playground beautification, office work, events, etc.

Special features: The mission is to provide high quality early care and education for all children, specifically low and middle income families; while providing advanced educational opportunities for teachers. We have a multicultural community-based philosophy. We use the Teaching Strategies GOLD Curriculum (Creative Curriculum) to support learning for families.


3716 Erwin Road

Durham, NC 27705



Age range: Preschool (3-year olds)–8th Grade

Tuition: 2015-16 range for full-day preschool is $3,206-$16,029, based on family need

Scholarships available: Financial Aid available

Accreditation: Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS)

Application deadline: Early January

Application fee: $50.00, non-refundable

School starts: Last week of August

School runs: Preschool – 1st: 8:30am – 3pm

Class size: Two full-time teachers facilitating differentiated instruction through project-based learning, incorporating a student-centered approach. A low student/teacher ratio is essential to achieving our mission.

Student:teacher ratio: 8:1

Level of toilet training required: All children must be completely toilet-trained prior to the first day of school.

Parental participation required: Parent involvement is encouraged and considered vital to Duke School’s success.

Special features: We inspire learners to boldly and creatively shape their future. We do this through learner-centered work promoting active inquiry and bold thinking.


3501 Ridge Road

Durham, NC 27705




Age range: Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) through 12th grade

Tuition: Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten – $13,395, Activity fee $275, Student Capital Fee $2,000 for all new students

Scholarships available: Financial aid available

Accreditation: Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

Application deadline: Pre-K – Grade 1 application deadline, December 5, 2014 (applications received after the deadline will be considered on a space-available basis).

Application fee: $85, Pre-K – Grade 4; non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: The Preschool day begins at 8:15 a.m., and dismissal time is 1:00 p.m. An optional aftercare program until 5 p.m. The Lower School Day begins at 8:00 a.m. and concludes at 2:45 p.m., with the option for children to come to school as early as 7:30 a.m. and stay as late as 6:00 p.m.

Class size: 16 -18 students in the Preschool classes and 18 students in the Lower School classes

Student:teacher ratio: 8:1

Level of toilet training required: Children need to be toilet trained.

Parental participation required: Both Preschool and Lower School teachers encourage parent involvement.

Special features: The purpose of Durham Academy is to provide each student an education that will enable him or her to live a moral, happy and productive life. The development of intellect is central to such a life and, thus, intellectual endeavor and growth are the primary work of the school. The acquisition of knowledge; the development of skills, critical judgment and intellectual curiosity; and increased understanding are the goals of the school’s academic program.


6211 New Jericho Road

Chapel Hill NC 27516




Age range: Three programs for young children: Parent/Child Program (ages 1-2); Nursery (33 months by June 1st); Kindergarten (4 years by June 1st). Also have grades 1-12 (see website for details).

Tuition: ♦ Nursery (three 1⁄2 days): $4,950 ♦ Nursery (five 1⁄2 days ): $8,245 ♦ Kindergarten (five 1⁄2 days ): $9,940

After-school program for all ages available for an additional charge.

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: EWS is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and a full member of the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America (AWS NA), the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN), the International Association of Waldorf Kindergartens, and the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools.

Application deadline: February 28 (we will continue to accept applications after that date if space allows)

Application fee: $50 non-refundable, one-time fee

School starts: Late August or Early September, depending on the year

School runs: 8:30am – 12:30pm; Afterschool program: 12:30pm – 3pm (Kindergarteners have an option to stay until 5pm)

Class size: Average size of each class in Nursery and Kindergarten is 12.

Student:teacher ratio: Nursery, 6:1; Kindergarten, 8:1

Level of toilet training required: Completely for 3 years and older. Not required for Parent-Child Program.

Parental participation required: Not a cooperative, but many opportunities for parents to volunteer.

Special features: Waldorf early childhood education provides a protective and nurturing environment where imagination and creativity flourish. Children participate in supervised outdoor play and explorations, singing, games, storytelling, puppetry, painting, coloring, beeswax modeling, sewing, cleaning, baking, gardening and seasonal crafts. By learning through play and through participating in activities which are part of life, they develop listening skills, fine motor skills, social skills, concentration and other skills necessary for academic success. But more importantly, they develop a love of learning, an appreciation of beauty, and a strong connection to the world in which we live.


735 Erwin Road

Durham, NC




Age range: 18 months – 6 yrs

Tuition: ♦ 1/2 day: $755/month ♦ 3/4 day: $1030/month ♦ Full day: $1250/month

Early care (7:30am-8:15am): $75/month

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Rolling

Application fee: None

School starts: Ten-month calendar, starting in late August and running through mid-June. We also offer a summer enrichment program.

School runs: 8:15am-12:30pm, 3:30 pm, or 5:30pm. There is an early care option (7:30 am drop-off).

Class size: 10 toddlers, 20 preschoolers

Student:teacher ratio: 5:1, 10:1

Level of toilet training required: Toddler class, not at all. Pre-school children need to be in underpants. We help with the process if they need a little more help.

Parental participation required: Welcomed and encouraged, but not required.

Special features: Erwin Road Montessori School is a small preschool located in an old farmhouse on 5 acres in Orange County. The Montessori classroom offers children an opportunity for learning through movement and discovery. The curriculum is child-directed. The AMS trained teachers foster independence, concentration, confidence, and a joy for learning. Erwin Road Montessori School believes in the value of connecting children with nature, and therefore provides ample time for unstructured outdoor play, nature discovery walks, and digging in the garden.


200 North Estes Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27514




Age range: 1–3 years

Tuition: Ranges from $408-$1280/month depending on schedule (2, 3, or 5 half or full days a week)

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: Licensed by the Division of Child Development with a five-star license

Application deadline: Rolling admission

Application fee: $50, non-refundable

School starts: School is year-round

School runs: Arrival between 8am-9:15am and departure at 12:30pm or 3:30pm, 2, 3, and 5 days a week options.

Class size: 10-12

Student:teacher ratio: 4:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Family involvement is welcomed but not required.

Special features: We are inspired by the programs of Reggio Emilia and believe in the capabilities of children. We offer a well-planned environment with numerous materials for the children to explore, a negotiated curriculum based on our observations and the children’s interests, and documentation of learning. We have a large, natural outdoor area which was recently certified as a Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, and are within close walking distance to several community services, including the library. We provide breakfast, lunch, and snack served in a family-style manner.


Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Campus

4907 Garrett Rd.

Durham, NC 27707



Age range: Special program for 1-2 year olds, half-day preschool for 2–5 year olds

Tuition: ♦ 1 year olds, Wed $110/mo; Tu/Th, $220/mo ♦ 2 year olds, Tu/Th, $200/month, M/W/F $280/month ♦ 3 year olds, Tu-Fri, $365/month ♦ 4 year olds, M-F, $450/month

Annual enrollment/supply fee ranges from $130-$520 based on age and days attending.

Scholarships available: Tuition assistance fund to provide needs-based partial tuition scholarships

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Early February

Application fee: $55, non-refundable

School starts: Follows Durham Public Schools calendar

School runs: One year old class, 9am-11:30 am. Preschool classes, 9am – 12pm; 9am – 1pm on Lunch Bunch days

Class size: The one-year-old class has 6 children. Family Preschool serves two groups of eight 2-year-olds, one group of eight 2’s meeting M/W/F; the other group meeting T/Th. Each group has one teacher and one parent-teacher. We serve up to twenty-seven 3’s and 4’s, split into three groups of eight or nine children, each with their own teacher, and with the assistance of two parent-teachers. The twenty-seven 3’s and 4’s meet Tuesday–Friday. In addition, the twelve or thirteen 4’s attend school on Mondays in their own gathering group, with one teacher and two parent-teachers.

Student:teacher ratio: 1-year old class, 3:1; 2 year olds, 4:1; 3 and 4 year olds, 5:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: We are a cooperative. For the Preschool, we currently require 12 hours per semester, in addition to 1 to 2 days a month working as a parent helper in the classroom. Each family also has a “job” for the year, which helps to fulfill the hours requirement.

Special features: We offer a child-centered program enriched by the cultures and shared talents of each family.


1162 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

Chapel Hill, NC 27514




Age range: 6 weeks to 6 years

Tuition: Varies by age and program enrolled.

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: 5 star

Application deadline: Open enrollment

Application fee: None, but $150 yearly enrollment fee

School starts: Year-round

School runs: 7am—6pm

Class size: Infants, 8; 1-2 yrs, 10; 2-3 yrs, 8; 3-4 yrs, 9; 4-5 yrs, 12

Student:teacher ratio: Infants, 4:1; 1-2 yrs, 5:1; 2-3 yrs, 8:1; 3-4 yrs, 9:1; 4-5 yrs, 12:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Not required, but welcomed

Special features: Premier Preschool with a year around extended day program. The Goddard F.L.Ex curriculum focuses on developing following learning domains: personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social studies, creative expression and physical development. The Goddard School in Chapel Hill also include enrichment programs such as base fitness, yoga, sign language, music, foreign language, everyday math and splash. The Goddard School also provides detailed electronic daily report to parents.


2400 Nelson Hwy

Chapel Hill, NC 27514




Age range: 6 weeks to 5 years

Tuition: Ranges from $265/week for infants to $230/week for preschoolers. $100 annual supply fee.

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Open enrollment

Application fee: $40

School starts: Year-round

School runs: 7:30am—6pm

Class size: Infants, maximum 6; Waddlers, maximum 11; 2-3 year old class, maximum 10; Preschool class, maximum 11

Student:teacher ratio: Infant and Toddler class, 3:1; 2-3 year old and Preschool class, 5:1

Level of toilet training required: Preschoolers must be potty trained.

Parental participation required: Involvement not required, but appreciated.

Special features: Weekly music classes by Kidstunes; basic Spanish lessons; field trips to the pumpkin and strawberry patches; annual community service projects including visits to nursing homes; nutritious lunches that include fresh and organic fruits and vegetables; hands-on creative learning as well as technology-based lesson plans that includes the use of i-pads; two nature gardens.


3001 Academy Road, Bldg. 300

Durham NC 27707




Age range: 2.5 year olds to 5th grade

Tuition: For 3, 4 and 5 year olds, rates for 2014-15 academic year (For elementary tuition rates see website): ♦ Half day, $8,580/year ♦ 3/4 day $11,500/year ♦ Full day $14,150/year.

One-time enrollment fee, $1,175 ($875 for siblings)

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: American Montessori Society Accreditation

Application deadline: Our priority application deadline is early January for the following school year; however we accept applications throughout the year when space is available.

Application fee: $75

School starts: Late August

School runs: Monday to Friday. Half day, 8:15am – 11:40am; 3/4 day, 8:15am – 3pm; Full day, 8:15am – 5:30pm. Limited spaces for early drop off at 7:45am available for an additional monthly fee.

Class size: 20-25 students

Student:teacher ratio: 9:1

Level of toilet training required: Students should be fully toilet trained during the day.

Parental participation required: Parents are expected to volunteer 15 hours per family per year.

Special features: We are a full language-immersion Montessori school: Mandarin Chinese, French, and Spanish. Previous language exposure is not required. We also offer language-based weekly summer camps.


1200 Mason Farm Road

Chapel Hill NC 27514



Age range: 12 months–5 years

Tuition: Half day prices range from $221/mo to $650/mo, depending on age of child and number of days attended/week. Full day prices range from $373/mo to $1,083/mo, depending on age of child and number of days attended/week.

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: We follow National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) guidelines, but are not accredited. Operating under a new license issued by the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education.

Application deadline: We are a year-round operation. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Application fee: $72, non refundable

School starts: Year-round

School runs: Full day, 7:30am-5:30pm; Half-day 8:30am-1pm

Class size: 12- to 30-month-olds, 11 children; 30- to 48-month-olds, 17 children; 4- to 5-year olds, 14 children

Student:teacher ratio: 12- to 30-month-olds, 5:1; 30- to 48-month-olds, 8:1; 4- to 5-year olds, 10:1

Level of toilet training required: Children in the 4- to 5-year old classes should be toilet trained prior to entry.

Parental participation required: KJP is not a cooperative school, but parent participation is a valuable part of our program. Parents are asked to sign up for one volunteer task per month and attend two parent workdays per year.

Special features: We are a Jewish-based school; however, all faiths welcome.


2912B Jones Ferry Rd.

Carrboro, NC 27510



Age range: 3-6 year olds

Tuition: Rates are for full program year, September-May ♦ 2-day option: $1980 ♦ 3-day option: $2921 ♦ 4-day option: $3861 ♦ 5-day option: $4785

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Ongoing

Application fee: $30

School starts: September – May

School runs: 9am – 12pm

Class size: 12

Student:teacher ratio: 6:1

Level of toilet training required: Need to be toilet trained

Parental participation required: None

Special features: Entirely outdoor nature-based program


515 East Winmore Avenue

Chapel Hill, NC 27516




Age range: 6 wks—12 years

Tuition: Varies by age, days/hours attended, and program type (preschool, after-school, kindergarten, summer camp). Please see website for program details/descriptions. Contact Legacy Directors for specific program information and cost.

Scholarships available: Based on need

Accreditation: NAEYC accredited; 5 Star NC license

Application deadline: Currently enrolling, please call to arrange a tour and preschool consultation with one of our Directors.

Application fee: $25 one time, Registration fee $150 annually

School starts: Year-round

School runs: 7am—6pm M-F

Class size: Each classroom maximum number and ratio is aligned with NC 5-Star Criteria. For example, there is a maximum of 8 infants/infant room, and a maximum of 4 infants/teacher.

Student:teacher ratio: The maximum number of children per teacher is listed below, in many cases the number of children per teacher may be Lower. 6 wks – 12 mo • 4:1 13 mo – 24 mo • 5:1 25 mo – 36 mo • 8:1 37 mo – 48 mo • 9:1 Preschool 4’s – early 5s • 12:1 After School/Summer Campers • 14:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Encouraged, but not required.

Special features: LA curriculum promotes learning and development in each of the following domains: social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive while focusing on the whole child. Children are actively involved throughout the day in multisensory activities inside and out including art, music, language including foreign language, emergent literacy, brain-power and physical activities designed to be fun and nurturing.


1935 W. Cornwallis Road

Durham NC 27705




Age range: 2-4 years

Tuition: $450-$1675/month, based on scheduling option chosen (from 3 half-days to 5 extended days)

Scholarships available: Yes, we offer flexible tuition for full time (5-day) preschool families.

Accreditation: Lerner’s 5-Star preschool and elementary school are dual accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS) and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS).

Application deadline: The Lerner Preschool program welcomes applications from children of all faiths, and admits students on a rolling basis. We encourage families to apply prior to January 15th. Late applications will be accepted on a space-available basis. Parents are notified of admissions decision in mid-February.

Application fee: $50, non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: 2s and 3s may attend 3 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). School day for all children is 8:30am-1pm, with full-day (to 3pm) or extended day (6pm) options. Early care starting at 7:15am is available for an additional fee.

Class size: ♦ 2s — 14 children ♦ 3s — 16 children ♦ Combined 2s & 3s class (Little Lerners) — 14 children ♦ 4s — 18-20 children

Student:teacher ratio: Two year olds, 7:1; Three year olds, 8:1, Four year olds, maximum 10:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required:Parental participation is not required, but it is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Special features: The Lerner School lays the foundation for students to become engage, lifelong learners, offering: ♦ Nurturing individualized attention with low student-to-teacher ratios. ♦ Weekly enrichment activities with our specialists, including PE, Music, Art and Library Time. They also enjoy cooking, gardening and learning in our outdoor classroom. ♦ Special Jewish programming, where Hebrew and Judaics are joyfully woven into everyday life through storytelling, art, challah baking and singing. Pre-schoolers cherish Jewish culture by participating in weekly Havdallah and Shabbat celebrations, and holiday traditions such as Lunch in the Sukkah, Simchat Torah, Chanukah candle lighting, Purim carnival and Passover Seder to name a few. ♦ Book Buddies, where preschool students meet weekly with Lerner 3rd, 4th and 5th graders to read and work on projects together. ♦ School-wide programs, including a variety of musical performances and Field Day.


4510 Orange Grove Rd.

Hillsborough, NC 27278




Age range: 2.5 – 5 years, mixed age range

Tuition: 3 days/week, $340/month; 4 days/week, $450/month. $250 snack/supply fee.

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Rolling admission

Application fee: $25, non-refundable

School starts: Early September

School runs: Half days 9am – 1pm, Monday through Thursday; September through June

Class size: 6-10 children

Student:teacher ratio: Between 6:1 and 10:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Not required but encouraged! Offered are two Parent-teacher Conferences, Parent Evenings to discuss parenting and child development, and family festivals celebrating the seasons throughout the year.

Special features: Little Gnome Nursery sits upon an organic farmstead nestled on 6 acres of woods and gardens. Children naturally help with the daily joy of collecting chicken and duck eggs, gardening, exploring nature on the woodland trails and shallow creek bed. Weekly activities include watercolor painting, bread baking, music, preparing wholesome organic snacks, clay/beeswax modeling, storytelling, puppetry and seasonal arts and crafts. Essentially, we are a play-based and nature-based program that is Waldorf inspired. Teacher is bi-lingual and shares German songs and games.


203 Ashe Street

Carrboro NC 27510





Age range: 2–5 years

Tuition: Tuesday/Thursday class (2-5 yrs) $320; M/W/F class (3-5 yrs) $370. Two year olds come on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children ages 3-5 can attend school 2, 3 or 5 days.

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Rolling admissions

Application fee: $30, non-refundable

School starts: End of August, we closely follow the public school calendar

School runs: Half day 8:30am – 12:30pm

Class size: The Tuesday/Thurs class has 11 children. The M/W/F class has 16 children. There are two teachers every day. The two teachers are also the owners.

Student:teacher ratio: Tues/Thurs, 5.5:1; M/W/F: 8:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Parent involvement is not required, although we encourage parents to share their talents with our school.

Special features: Little House Playschool is a play-based school that encour-ages social and emotional skills, such as independent problem solving, conflict resolution, and helping others. We encourage outside play and good, messy fun! LHP is located in downtown Carrboro in a sweet little one-room school house with lots of natural light. We run four two-week summer camps for 3-5 year olds!


625 NC Hwy 54 East

Durham, NC 27713




Age range: 2 1/2–5 years

Tuition: $114-$190/week, depending on number of days attending (3, 4, or 5) $60/year registration fee; one-time $299 new student enrollment fee

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: Highly professional preschool teachers have Doctoral and Masters degrees and university teacher training. Over 20 years experience in education.

Application deadline: Priority offered to currently enrolled students and siblings and then spaces are available on a first come basis.

Application fee: None. However, if accepted, $60 registration fee.

School starts: After Labor Day

School runs: 9am-12:50pm

Class size: Approximately 6-8 children per class. Students have separate classroom times and then are brought together for school-wide activities like singing and dance, playtime, lunch and snack.

Student:teacher ratio: 6:1

Level of toilet training required: Prefer children toilet-trained, but we will work with children who are toilet training.

Parental participation required: None

Special features: A professional preschool program offering Mandarin Chinese immersion opportunities for young children. As the only preschool in the Triangle area offering morning Mandarin immersion classes, our native Mandarin language-speaking teachers, each with advanced degrees (BA, BS, MA, PhD), strive to develop a solid language and cultural foundation in each of our students. Exposure to a second language stimulates students’ overall intellectual development while providing a unique appreciation for the cultures in the world around them.


301 College Park Road

Hillsborough, NC 27278



Age range: 12 weeks–6 years

Tuition: Ranges from $490-$1,355/month depending on age of child and # of days attending. See website for details.

Scholarships available: Not yet but we are working on it!

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Rolling admission

Application fee: Year round

School starts: Year round

School runs: Full day: M-F, 7:30am – 5:45pm; Half day: M-F 8am-12pm; M/T/W 8am-12pm; Th/F 8am-12pm; Optional lunch bunch

Class size: Infants (12 weeks–12 months), 8; toddlers (12–24 months), 12; middlers (2–3 years), 18; preschoolers (4- and 5-year-olds), 20. **The ratios are improving at the Waterstone Campus. Group sizes will be lower than stated.

Student:teacher ratio: Ranges from 3 or 4:1 to 9:1 depending on age of child and enrollment. See website for details.

Level of toilet training required: We want children to toilet train at their own pace.

Parental participation required: We are not a cooperative. Parents are invited to be at school as often as they’d like. Volunteer opportunities are also posted for parents regularly.

Special features: We are a Reggio-inspired preschool. We have an art emphasis, which includes music as an art. Exploration of nature is also a strong component. We have yoga classes. We also have a world-class chef preparing local, organic, regional meals, including fresh bread twice a day.


405 Smith Level Road

Chapel Hill NC 27516



Age range: 1–5 years

Tuition: ♦ 1- to 2-year-olds (Estrellitas class), $1,393 ♦ 2- to 3-year-olds (Solecitos class), $1,269 ♦ 3- to 4-year-olds (Lunitas class), $1,191 ♦ 4- to 5-year-olds (Cometas class), $1,111

Prices given are for full time hours, five days a week. We also offer part time (3/4 day options) and 2-day (T/Th) and 3-day (M/W/F) options. See website for details.

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: 5-star program

Application deadline: Rolling enrollment

Application fee: $35, non-refundable

School starts: Mi Escuelita is a year-round program

School runs: Full time hours 7:30am – 5:30pm; part-time hours 7:30am – 3:30pm

Class size: Estrellitas class, 8 children; Solecitos class, 12 children; Lunitas class, 14 children; Cometas class, 12 children

Student:teacher ratio: Estrellitas class, 5:1; Solecitos class, 8:1; Lunitas class, 9:1; Cometas class, 12:1

Level of toilet training required: Toilet training is taught in the 2-year-old class and children are strongly encouraged to be successful in using the toilet before entering into the 3-year-old class.

Parental participation required: We have many volunteer opportunities and parents are encouraged to participate in the school’s many activities and events.

Special features: Our program is Spanish Immersion. Teachers speak to the children in Spanish 100% of the day. Non-Spanish speaking students learn Spanish naturally, in the same way they learn their first language at home. Children who speak Spanish in the home reinforce their family’s language and heritage. All is done in a very nurturing and diverse environment.


1200 Mason Farm Rd.

Chapel Hill NC 27514


1510 E Franklin St., Suite 500

Chapel Hill, NC 27514


103 Laurel Ave

Carrboro, NC 27510




Age range: 12 months–6 years

Tuition: We offer half-day, full-day, after care, full and partial week schedules. Rates vary depending on age of child and number of days/hours per week attended. Please call for specific rates. We offer a 5% tuition discount for University or Hospital employees and students, and a 15% sibling discount.

Scholarships available: None

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Any time. We offer rolling admissions, based on availability.

Application fee: $300-$350, non-refundable

School starts: Late August, but we provide care and enroll children on a year-round basis.

School runs: 7:30am-5:30pm; Half-day hours: 7:30am-12:00pm. Full day schedule is 7:30am-3:30pm; After care is from 3:30pm-5:30pm.

Class size: Toddlers, 12; Transitional classroom, 18; Primary classroom, 20

Student:teacher ratio: 6:1 (12-29 months); 9:1 (30-42 months); 10:1 (43+ months)

Level of toilet training required: None required; will assist.

Parental participation required: There is no requirement, however we encourage parent involvement. We offer parent information gatherings and activities throughout the year.

Special features: We are one of the few Montessori schools that offers a full or half day schedule for children of all ages. We offer weekly music lessons for all classrooms, as well as an outdoor Montessori environment.


2800 Pickett Road

Durham NC 27705



Age range: 18 months–12 years (Toddler to 6th grade)

Tuition: Rates range from $4,200 – $13,900/year depending on age and financial aid awards. One time $750 or $1,500 acceptance fee ($750 for Toddlers with balance due upon entering a five-day program, $750 for siblings of an enrolled student). Before- and After-school care available for an additional fee.

Scholarships available: No, but financial aid is available based on eligibility.

Accreditation: First of only six NC schools nationally accredited by the American Montessori Society. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Application deadline: Applications are accepted any time; admissions notifications sent beginning late February/early March.

Application fee: $100, non-refundable

School starts: School begins in late August and ends in early June. Summer Camp runs June through August.

School runs: ♦ Toddler (3- and 5-day options), 9am-12pm ♦ 3-4 year olds, 8:30am – 12pm, after school care avail until 6pm ♦ 5-year olds (Kindergarten), 8:30am – 2:30pm, after school care available until 6pm

Class size: 12–22 children depending on the class

Student:teacher ratio: Maximum 11:1 (6:1 for Toddlers)

Level of toilet training required: Our preference is to have children toilet-trained prior to beginning school (except in Toddler classes).

Parental participation required: We ask that all parents sign our Family-School Partnership agreement, and participate in Parent Education Nights and volunteer opportunities as they are able.

Special features: After school enrichments, summer camp.


4512 Pope Road

Durham NC 27707




Age range: 18 months–14 years ♦ Toddlers (18 months–3 Years). Children must be 18 mo in September ♦ Primary (3–6 Years). Children must be 3 years old by August 31 and toilet-trained before entering the classroom.

Tuition: ♦ Toddlers (18 months—3 years), $10,100 ♦ Morning Primary (3- and 4-year-olds), $9,489 ♦ Elder Primary (5-year-olds), $13,248

Scholarships available: Yes, limited financial aid

Accreditation: Accredited by the American Montessori Society and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Application deadline: Admissions process begins in January, but applications accepted throughout the school year

Application fee: $100, non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: Monday-Friday ♦ Toddlers (18 months—3 years), 8:15am – 11:30am ♦ Morning Primary (3- and 4-year-olds ), 8:15am – 11:45am ♦ Elder Primary (5-year olds), 8:15am – 3pm ♦ Extended Care, 7:30am – 8:15am, and 3:15pm-5:45pm

Class size: Toddler class (12 students). Primary classes (up to 25 students each)

Student:teacher ratio: Toddler class, 6:1 Primary classes, 12:1 (average)

Level of toilet training required: Toddlers, not at all; 3-year-olds, yes.

Parental participation required: 12 volunteer hours per family per year

Special features: Music for all ages; Spanish and Music starting in Primary; for 5-year-olds and older, Spanish, Art and PE classes.


1702 Legion Road

Chapel Hill NC 27517




Age range: 18 months – 6 years. Also elementary school for ages 6-12 (see website for details)

Tuition: 2015-16 rates: ♦ Toddler (18 months by August) and Preschool (3-5 yrs): 5 days/week, $8,950/year; 3 days/week $5,380/year ♦ Extended day (age 5 by August): 5 days/week, $10,150/year.

An additional one-time, non-refundable fee of $950 is made when the tuition agreement is signed by a new student ($475 for siblings of already-enrolled students).

Scholarships available: Yes, on a need basis.

Accreditation: Teachers are Montessori certified.

Application deadline: Open

Application fee: $75, non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: For Toddler and Preschool students the hours are 8:30am – 11:45am; for Kindergarten-age children, the hours are 8:30am – 2:00pm. After-school program (MDS Little House) available onsite for separate cost.

Class size: Toddler class has maximum 12 students. We have 2 classes of 20 students ages 3 to 6 years. We multi age the Toddler class with 18 months to 3 years and the Preschool class with ages 3 to 6 years old.

Student:teacher ratio: 10:1 for Preschool and 6:1 for Toddler

Level of toilet training required: Must be fully trained in ages 3-6 classes.

Parental participation required: We are not a cooperative, but have a Parent Support Group that parents can be involved in if they wish.

Special features: In addition to our enriching Montessori Program, we have a music teacher come to each class one time a week.


2400 Broad Street, Suite 2

Durham NC 27704




Age range: Preschool (3-4 year olds) through Kindergarten (5-6 year olds)

Tuition: Preschool, $7,000/year; Kindergarten, $8,500. Additional acceptance/enrollment fee $500.

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: Montessori Farm School is an American Montessori Association full member school, and all lead teachers and assistants hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree as well as a certification from an AMS and MACTE approved training program.

Application deadline: Open

Application fee: $75, non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: Preschool, 8:30am – 12:15pm; Kindergarten, 8:30am – 3:00pm

Class size: Varies but does not exceed 20

Student:teacher ratio: Each class has one lead teacher and one assistant

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: There is no requirement but parent involvement is strongly encouraged.

Special features:


304 Morningside Drive

Carrboro, NC 27510




Age range: 2 – 4 yrs

Tuition: $300 – $630/month based on days of the week attending. One time supply fee of $200/school year per student.

Scholarships available: Tuition assistance may be available/ parents may offer help in the class for reduced tuition.

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: February 1st

Application fee: $15

School starts: After Labor Day

School runs: 8:30am—12:30pm, Monday through Thursday (children attend 2, 3, or 4 days a week). Children who no longer nap are able to join in our “long day” until 2:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

Class size: 10 children

Student:teacher ratio: 5:1

Level of toilet training required: They do not need to be toilet-trained, we work with families on this.

Parental participation required: While we are not a cooperative preschool, parents who wish to offer occasional or frequent assistance in the classroom may work out a reduced tuition schedule in exchange for their time.

Special features: Small, in home preschool with a Reggio Emilia and project-based influence.


6600 Manor Hill Court

Chapel Hill, NC 27516



Age range: 2 1⁄2 – 5, mixed age group

Tuition: $355 per month for 3 days, $465 per month for 4 days, plus $400 snack/supply fee, and $200 acceptance fee

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Rolling admissions

Application fee: $25 non-refundable

School starts: Early September

School runs: Tuesday-Friday, 8:45am—12:45pm

Class size: 8-10 children

Student:teacher ratio: 5:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Not required, however we do celebrate festivals together and I encourage parents to share their interests with the class.

Special features: Play-based, nature-based programs, art, music, storytelling, puppetry, Waldorf-inspired


2089 Lamont Norwood Rd.

Pittsboro, NC 27312



Age range: 2 1/2 – 5 years

Tuition: Full-day 5-days/week $1,200/mo; 3-days/week $780/mo; $150 enrollment fee

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Open

Application fee: None

School starts: Late August (follows the public school schedule)

School runs: Full-day 8am-3:15pm; Half-day 8am-12pm

Class size: One classroom

Student:teacher ratio: Two teachers, low ratio

Level of toilet training required:

Parental participation required:

Special features: The Old School at Fancy Gap exemplifies the belief that in the “busy-ness” of modern life, some things are lost. The simple routine of playing with friends, listening to stories, building castles, taking walks, splashing in a creek, even taking a rest, are all parts of an orchestra that plays an individual symphony for each child. Given a chance to slow down and take it all in, children can develop holistically while they achieve the necessary readiness skills that lay ahead for kindergarten, and in life.


1220 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Chapel Hill NC 27514



Age range: 1–4 years

Tuition: 2-day, $180/month; 3-day, $240/month; 4-day, $315/month; 5-day, $365/month. Annual supply fee $100-$200 based on number of days attending.

Scholarships available: Limited scholarships available to qualified students. Applications must be submitted by March 15.

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Begin accepting applications in mid-November

Application fee: $30

School starts: First Tuesday in September

School runs: 9am – 12:05pm, Monday through Friday

Class size:

Student:teacher ratio: 1-year-olds, 4:1; 2-year-olds, 5:1; 3-year-olds, 6:1; 4-year-olds, 7:1

Level of toilet training required: Not at all for 1- and 2-year-olds; 3-year-olds should be working on it, and 4-year-olds must be trained.

Parental participation required: No parental involvement required, but some requested

Special features: Religious education, music class, science class


524 Ourso Drive

Hillsborough, NC 27278




Age range: 4–6 years

Tuition: $6,650. A non-refundable deposit of $640 is due upon acceptance, and 9 equal payments of $640 due on the first of each month, September 1st through and including May 1st.

Scholarships available: Yes, some partial scholarships available.

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: None

Application fee: $35, non-refundable

School starts: The day after Labor Day

School runs: 8:30am-12:30pm September through the first week of June

Class size: Maximum enrollment 18 students with three full time teachers

Student:teacher ratio:

Level of toilet training required:

Parental participation required: Parental involvement is encouraged and considered vital to the growth of our learning community. Involvement by choosing one of the Family Jobs posted each year is greatly appreciated.

Special features: This is a half-day, multi age, pre-school and kindergarten adjacent to our home located on 8 acres of woods and gardens. We believe that children are strong and capable, and that they have an inborn delight in learning. Small class size, beautiful learning environment, lots of time spent outside in nature, rich arts environment as well as age appropriate literacy and math activities are offered. This is a mixed age class with children of many abilities and talents. Some children attend for a pre-kindergarten year, some for their kindergarten year and some for first grade. Children work on traditional skills at their own pace with individualized instruction, while projects inspired by the children’s ideas are developed across the ages and subjects. Orchard Hill Children’s School is deeply committed to supporting children in social skills, by embracing conflict in order to learn from it. We coach children to become aware of, and to be able to communicate, their feelings. We believe these skills should be learned before the “basics” currently taught in many programs for 5 and 6 year olds. We believe, in fact, that these skills ARE the basics. Orchard Hill Children’s School was featured in a recent book, Lens on Outdoor Learning, by Ginny Sullivan and Wendy Banning


3501 Hwy. 54 West

Chapel Hill, NC 27516



2400 University Drive

Durham, NC 27707



Age range: 2 years—6 years

Tuition: From $405-$1,310/month based on age and number of days attending. See website for details. Additional enrollment fee of $175, and supply fee of $200.

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools at our Chapel Hill campus.

Application deadline: Applications are accepted year round, but preference is given to those in by the end of January

Application fee: $50, non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: 8:30am—12:30 pm or 3pm with options for before and after-school care for an additional fee.

Class size: 2-year olds, 10; 3-year olds, 14; 4-year olds, 16; Kindergarten, 12

Student:teacher ratio: Twos: 5:1, threes: 7:1, fours 8:1, Kindergarten, 12:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Parents have no formal commitment, but are welcome to come and share a special interest or skill with our students. Participation in family potlucks and special events is also encouraged.

Special features: Reggio-inspired curriculum, enrichment classes, such as ballet and gymnastics, offered after school.


Contact info

Age range: Toddler class for children 18 months to 2 1/2 years, and primary classes for children ages 2 1/2 to 6

Tuition: ♦ Toddler, 3 mornings/week, $4,100/year ♦ Toddler & Primary Half day, 5 mornings/week, $5,600/year ♦ Primary extended day, 5 days/week, $6,450. One time enrollment fee of $550.

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: Pinewoods Montessori School is registered with the NC Division of Non-Public Education, and has been affiliated with the American Montessori Society since 1992. All teachers have Montessori certification. Pinewoods does not offer daycare.

Application deadline: Ongoing

Application fee: $30, non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: Toddlers and Primary half-day, 8:30am – 12pm, Extended day 8:30am-3pm. Afterschool from 3pm-5:30pm

Class size: Multi-age groupings; 22 in pre-primary

Student:teacher ratio: 11:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: No requirement, but many opportunities.

Special features: Kindermusik, Art, Spanish, P.E., Montessori philosophy and curriculum.


4300 Camp Chestnut Ridge Rd.

Efland, NC 27243


Age range: 3-5 years

Tuition: ♦ Tu/Th: $175/month, plus $75 annual supply fee ♦ M/W/F: $250/month, plus $100 annual supply fee ♦ 5-days: $425/month, plus $175 annual supply fee

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: We are American Camp Association accredited.

Application deadline: Applications are accepted for the waitlist year round

Application fee: No application fee. An annual supply fee (see rates above) and last month’s tuition are due at the time of registration. These fees are non-refundable upon acceptance into the program.

School starts: After Labor Day

School runs: 8:30am – 12pm; lunch bunch extended hours until 1pm for $10/day – offered one to two days per week

Class size: 12 children

Student:teacher ratio: 6:1

Level of toilet training required: Children must be toilet-trained.

Parental participation required: Parent involvement is encouraged, but not required. Opportunities at the preschool include: sharing talents and expertise, helping with fundraisers, organizing social events, and substitute teaching. At camp, we have community farm hours and workdays throughout the year.

Special features: Chestnut Ridge Camp & Retreat Center and Chestnut Ridge United Methodist Church are partnering to provide an innovative nature-based preschool program for children ages 3-5 years old. In a small group setting with 362 acres to explore, children are given the opportunity to play, learn, and engage in hands-on, nature-based activities with a Christian worldview.


304 E. Franklin Street

Chapel Hill NC 27514




Age range: 2–4 years

Tuition: ♦ 2 days/week $209/month (annual supply fee $80) ♦ 3 days/week $308/month (annual supply fee $85) ♦ 5 days/week $498/month (annual supply fee $90)

Scholarships available: Assistance available to qualifying families on a year-to-year basis

Accreditation: Member of DOPA (Durham-Orange Preschool Association), formerly accredited by NAEYC

Application deadline: None; applications roll over from year to year

Application fee: $35, non-refundable

School starts: Year-round

School runs: 8:15am – 12:15pm

Class size:

Student:teacher ratio: 2-year-olds: 10:2; 3-year-olds: 13:2; 4-year-olds: 15:2

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: One parent meeting and one work day per year

Special features:


4705 Old Chapel Hill Road

Durham, NC 27707




Age range: 1–4 years

Tuition: ♦ 1-year olds, 2 days/week, $195/month ♦ 2-year-olds, 2 days/week, $195/month ♦ 3-year-olds, 2 days/week, $195/month ♦ 3-year-olds, 3 days/week, $235/month ♦ 4-year-olds, 4 days/week, $295/month ♦ 4-year-olds, 5 days/week, $330/month

Additional annual supply fee of $95-$125, depending on age & days attending, and registration fee of $50.

Scholarships available: Yes

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: No deadline; open to the public early February

Application fee: $50 new applicants, $35 for returning students due with application, but is returned if there is no space available.

School starts: Tuesday after Labor Day

School runs: 9:15am – 12:15pm, with an optional lunch bunch that extends the day until 1:15pm

Class size: 1-year-old, 8 per class; 2-year-old, 10 per class; 3-year-old, 12 per class; 4-year-old, 14 per class

Student:teacher ratio: 1-year-olds, 4:1, 2-year-old, 5:1; 3-year-olds 6:1; 4-year-olds, 7:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: No, though there are volunteer opportunities.

Special features: Weekly music class for 2s and older, weekly chapel for 3s and older


920 Carmichael Street

Chapel Hill NC 27514



Age range: Preschool (3 year old program and Pre-K). Children must turn 3 or 4 years old by August 31.

Tuition: ♦ 3 year old program, 3 days/week: $3,920/year ♦ 3 year old program, 5 days/week: $6,530/year ♦ Pre-K (4 year olds) $6,530/year ♦ Kindergarten $9,980/year (lower parish family rate for eligible families)

Scholarships available: We have a tuition assistance program.

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (also known as AdvanceED)

Application deadline: Applications are accepted beginning October 1st. Completed applications are processed beginning February 15. See website for application packet.

Application fee: $200, non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: 8am – 11:30am

Class size: 3-year old program, 12 children; Pre-K, 20 children

Student:teacher ratio: 7:1 for 3-year old program, 10:1 for Pre-K. There is one teacher and one assistant.

Level of toilet training required: Children need to be completely toilet trained for both the 3-year old program and Pre-K.

Parental participation required: We are not a co-op school, but parental involvement is required.

Special features:


806 Christopher Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27514




Age range: Birth – 5 years

Tuition: Full-time: ♦ Infants (birth-12mo) $1,550 (diapers/formula included) ♦ Younger toddlers (12-24 mo) $1,450 ♦ Older toddlers (24-36 mo) $1,400 ♦ Threes $1,350 ♦ Fours and Fives $1,300

Prices include diapers, formula, snacks and organic meals for older children.

Part-time: ♦ 0 to 15 hours: babies, $775, twos and up: $675; ♦ 15 to 20 hours: babies: $900, twos and up: $775; ♦ 20 to 30 hours: babies: $1000, twos and up: $875

Scholarships available: Small discount for two or more children. We have a contract with Child Care Services and DSS for subsidies.

Accreditation: We have a Five Star License from the State of North Carolina.

Application deadline: Can apply any time during the year.

Application fee: $75, non-refundable one-time application fee and $275 enrollment fee.

School starts: School runs year round. We accept children year round, depending on availability.

School runs: Day Shift is from 8am – 5:30pm Evening Shift is from 2:30pm -Midnight. Early and late hours available at different rates and by special arrangement. Evening, and weekend care also available upon request.

Class size: Babies, 3; 1-year-olds, 5; 2-year-olds and older, 6

Student:teacher ratio: Infants 3:1; Toddlers 5:1; Preschool 6:1. When the tutors and substitutes are present, sometimes we have a ratio of 4:1.

Level of toilet training required: We do that; not required for admission. Parents provide pull-ups while child is being potty trained.

Parental participation required: We are not a cooperative but parents are encouraged through school activities to participate. We have several gathering/picnics/parties/activities and parent/teacher days.

Special features: We offer a mix of Curriculum/Montessori. We are a multilingual program (Spanish, Chinese, French, English, and American Sign Language, ASL). We have music classes in once a week by teacher/tutor/musician trained to work with young children. Also, we offer PE/Creative Movement/yoga to make children aware of body and enhance your child’s love for physical movement. Every day the children get 15 minutes of American Sign Language. We are located on three acres of land and have a miniature goat, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats, birds, fish and more. We spend two to four hours outside, rain or shine.


200 Davis Road

Hillsborough, NC 27278




Age range: 6 weeks to 6 years

Tuition: 2-, 3-, or 5-day options, monthly rates as follows: ♦ Infants (up to 1yr): $585, $870, $1325 ♦ Toddlers (under 2): $540, $795, $1225 ♦ Middlers (2s and 3s): $515, $765, $1155 ♦ Preschoolers (4s and 5s): $490, $725, $1100

Scholarships available: We accept vouchers and offer financial assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Accreditation: NC 5-star rated.

Application deadline: Rolling

Application fee: $35, non-refundable

School starts: Year-round

School runs: 7:45am—5:45pm

Class size: Varies, 6-15

Student:teacher ratio: Varies, 3:1 for infants, up to 10:1 for 4’s and older.

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Case-by-case, but highly recommended

Special features: A Spanish immersion, Reggio-inspired childcare center where happiness drives development.


1001 S. Columbia St.

Chapel Hill, NC 27514



Age range: 6 weeks to 5 years

Tuition: 2-, 3-, or 5-day options, monthly rates as follows: ♦ Infants (up to 1yr): $765, $1025, $1525 ♦ 1 year olds: $710, $950, $1410 ♦ 2 year olds: $630, $875, $1290 ♦ 3-5 year olds: $575, $795, $1150

Scholarships available: Through More at Four Program

Accreditation: We will be working on our NAEYC accreditation soon

Application deadline: None, enrollment is available through the year if there is availability

Application fee: None

School starts: Late August

School runs: 7:30am to 5:30pm

Class size: Infants: 8; Toddlers: 10; Twos: 15, 2 classes of 3, 9 kids in each class; Fours: 11 and 17 More at Four

Student:teacher ratio: Teacher ratio: Infant 1:4, Toddlers 1:5, Twos 1:7, Threes 1:9 or less, fours 1:9

Level of toilet training required: None at all. We help parents with toilet training.

Parental participation required: We do not require any involvement, but greatly appreciate any help.

Special features: We are a Spanish immersion program.


2092 Martha’s Chapel Rd

Apex, NC 27523




Age range: 3 – 5, mixed age group

Tuition: $357/mo for 3 days/week, $472/mo for 4 days/week, $588/mo for 5 days/week. $300 deposit/supply fee

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Rolling admissions

Application fee: $25 non-refundable

School starts: After Labor Day

School runs: 9am-1pm

Class size: From 6-10 children

Student:teacher ratio: Between 5:1 and 7:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Not required, however we do celebrate festivals together and I encourage parents to participate as much or as little as they wish.

Special features: Play-Based, Nature-Based Programs, Art, Music, Storytelling, Puppetry, Farm Animal Care and Interaction, Inspired by Waldorf Early Childhood Philosophy


4911 Neal Road

Durham, NC 27705




Age range: Transitional Kindergarten (4 year olds) and Kindergarten (5 year olds). School continues through 8th grade.

Tuition: $11,935 per year for T-K or K. See website for tuition for upper grades.

Scholarships available: Limited financial aid available

Accreditation: Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS)

Application deadline: Applications accepted starting in November for the following year. Applications accepted after January 30 only if space is available.

Application fee: $75 non-refundable

School starts: Late August

School runs: 8:30am to 3pm. Optional afterschool program runs until 6pm.

Class size: Kindergarten has two lead teachers for 18-24 students. TK typically has one lead teacher, one assistant for a smaller number of students.

Student:teacher ratio: Kindergarten 12:1 max; T-K 10:1 max

Level of toilet training required: All students must be toilet trained prior to entry.

Parental participation required: Parent involvement is encouraged but not required.

Special features: T-K and Kindergartners enjoy the following “complement” classes each week: Art, Music, Spanish, Physical Education, Science Lab and Character Education. Triangle Day School is a challenging independent TK-8 school. In a comfortable setting we foster intellectual engagement, enthusiasm for learning, creativity in thinking and respect for each other and the community.


The Triangle Home Nursery Association currently has ten nurseries: two each in Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, three in Durham, and one each in Apex, Carrboro, and North Chatham County. See our website for individual addresses and phone numbers.

Age range: 2–5 years

Tuition: Varies

Scholarships available: Varies

Accreditation: N/A. We are a cooperative group of teachers who strive to support the ideals of Waldorf Education in a home-based setting by fostering an environment where the joy of childhood is alive.

Application deadline: We do not have deadlines; most apply February–April

Application fee: Varies, $0–$25, non refundable

School starts: Beginning of September; ends in June or July with summer camp options

School runs: 8:45am – 12:45pm; some extended day options

Class size: Mixed age groups; ranges from 2 to 18 children

Student:teacher ratio: Smallest is 2:1; largest is 10:1

Level of toilet training required: Varies

Parental participation required: High level of parental/family involvement, but no mandatory parent hours. We facilitate support within our community for families and build bridges into the wider community through social and educational events.

Special features: Play-based and nature-based programs, music, art, handwork, Waldorf-inspired.


610 Market Street, Suite 101 A

Chapel Hill, NC 27516


Age range: Funskool Tumblers class is a preschool-like setting for 3-5 year olds. Tumble Gym has many other class options such as gymnastics, dance, cheer, and mixed martial arts, for both parent/child and drop-off. See website for details.

Tuition: Funskool Tumblers: One morning/week: $100/mo.; Two mornings/week: $200/mo.

Scholarships available: No

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Open enrollment year-round

Application fee: An annual non-refundable registration fee of $35 per child is due at the time of enrollment and renewed annually during fall registration.

School starts: Year-round

School runs: Funskool tumblers class runs 9am-noon

Class size: Up to 10

Student:teacher ratio: 10:1 or less

Level of toilet training required: Must be fully toilet trained for any drop-off program. Not required for parent/child classes.

Parental participation required: None

Special features: The Funskool Tumblers class is a morning of fun activities which include 1 hour of Tumble Gym gymnastics plus almost 2 hours of fine motor activities, songs, games, exploration and occasional walking field trips within Southern Village and other school/sport readiness activities all within Southern Village.


1321 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Chapel Hill NC 27516



Age range: 2 years–5 years

Tuition: 2-day, $170/month; 3-day, $ 237/month, 5-day, $350/month

Scholarships available: Scholarship funds may be available.

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: We accept applications year round.

Application fee: $30, non-refundable

School starts: Early September

School runs: 9am – 12pm, with lunch option until 1pm each day

Class size: 2-year-olds, 10 children; 3- and 4-year-olds, 13 children; 4-year-olds, 16 children

Student:teacher ratio: 2-year-olds, 5:1; 3- and 4-year-olds, 6 1/2:1, 4-year-olds, 8:1

Level of toilet training required: In the 3- and 4-year-old class, children should be very close to being trained.

Parental participation required: Parents volunteer to serve on our Board, help with fundraisers, etc. Three hour per school year commitment.

Special features: Music class once a week. Nature Explorers class 2 times a month.


209 E. Franklin Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27514




Age range: 2–5 years

Tuition: ♦ 2-year olds, $170/month ♦ 3-year olds, $256/month ♦ 4-year-olds, $337/month ♦ 5-year-olds, $415/month

Plus an annual supply fee of $100-$150.

Scholarships available: Yes, partial scholarships are available.

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: We begin placements January 18.

Application fee: $30, non refundable

School starts: In September; the Tuesday after Labor Day. Home visits and a short visit day are at the end of August.

School runs:

♦ 2-year-olds, 9am – 11:45am ♦ 3-year-olds, 9am – 12pm ♦ 4-year-olds, 9am – 12pm ♦ 5-year-olds, 8:45am – 12:15pm

Additional Lunch Bunch hour for 4s and 5s on Mon, Tues, and Thu.

Class size: ♦ 2-year-olds, 10 children ♦ 3-year-olds, 13 children ♦ 4-year-olds, 21–24 children ♦ 5-year-olds, 18 children

Student:teacher ratio: 2-year-olds, 5:1; 3-year-olds, 6 1/2:1; 4-year-olds, 8:1; 5-year-olds, 9:1

Level of toilet training required: Not for 2-year-olds. We hope that 3-year-olds are trained.

Parental participation required: We are not a cooperative, but we do have an open door policy and offer parents many ways to volunteer both in and out of the classroom.

Special features: Our 5-year-old class is a transitional 5-year-old class for children who are not ready for a full-day Kindergarten. The class has additional structure and instruction from a 4-year-old class. This class can also serve children who just miss the public school cut-off date of August 31. The cut-off date for the 5-year-old class is October 16th (except for the registration of currently enrolled children). We have a music & movement class three times a month.


150 E. Franklin Street

Chapel Hill NC 27514


Age range: 2–5 years

Tuition: ♦ 2s Class — 2 days/week, $160/month plus one-time $90 supply fee ♦ 3s Class — 3 days/week, $216/month plus one-time $100 supply fee ♦ 4s Class — 4 days/week, $355/month plus one-time $120 supply fee ♦ 4s Class — 5 days/week, $438/month plus one-time $130 supply fee

Scholarships available:

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: January

Application fee: $35 one-time fee per child, non-refundable

School starts: Early September; runs until May

School runs: ♦ 2s class – Tues/Thurs 9:00 – 12:00; or Wed/Fri 9:00-12:00 ♦ 3s class* – Mon/Tues/Thurs 8:45-11:45; or Mon/Wed/Fri 8:45-11:45 ♦ 4s class – 4-day class – Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:00-1:00 ♦ 4s class – 5 day class Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri 9:00-1:00

*optional Lunch Bunch is offered to all 3s from 11:45-12:45

Class size: 2-year-olds, 10; 3-year-olds, 12; 4-year-olds, 15

Student:teacher ratio: 2-year-olds, 5:1; 3-year-olds, 6:1; 4-year-olds, 7:1

Level of toilet training required: Two year olds do not need to be toilet-trained. Must be toilet-trained to participate in optional Lunch Bunch in the 3s.

Parental participation required: Partial parent cooperative—All parents are scheduled to bring snacks several times throughout the year. Twice a year, parents are scheduled to be “Parent of the Day.” No teaching or planning is required. It is simply a chance for parents to spend one and a half hours playing with their children in the classroom. Each set of parents must also participate in 10 hours of work per year for the preschool. Opportunities are offered both within school hours (curriculum mornings, substituting for teachers, etc.), and after school hours (playground workdays, parent work nights, take home tasks designated by teachers, etc.). These tasks and time frame (between September and May) are chosen by the parents at their convenience.

Special features: Music Classes, Environmental Education (gardening, composting, recycling, nature walks), Puppet Shows, Walking Field Trips, School Spirit Days, Halloween Costume Parade and Carnival, Thanksgiving Feast, Family Christmas Sing-Along, Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Puppet Show, and Beach Day.


124 Weaver Dairy Road

Chapel Hill NC 27514



Age range: 1–5 years


Half and 3/4 day options, for 2, 3, or 5 days/week. Ranges given here, see website for details. ♦ Toddlers: $445 – $1,290/month ♦ Twos/Threes: $420 – $955/month ♦ Preschoolers: $405 – $1,100/month

There is also an annual Enrichment Fee of $125 for children attending dance class, $75 otherwise. Toddlers, $25.

Scholarships available: Under some circumstances

Accreditation: Licensed by the State of North Carolina with 5 stars

Application deadline: Rolling admissions

Application fee: $25, non-refundable

School starts: August 29; runs year round

School runs: 7:30am – 3:30pm. Half day also available.

Class size: 1- to 2-year-olds: 8 children; 2 1/2- to 3 1/2-year-olds, 12 children; 3 1/2- to 5-year-olds, 16 children

Student:teacher ratio: 1- to 2-year-olds, 4:1; 2 1/2- to 3 1/2-year-olds, 6:1; 3 1/2- to 5-year-olds, 8:1

Level of toilet training required: None

Parental participation required: Minimum of 2 hours/month of parental participation

Special features: 3- to 5-year-olds have yoga class. Everyone has music and art every day! Fabulous staff! Lots of outside time, great playgrounds; on-site programs by Museum of Life & Science, Rags to Riches Theater Group, puppeteer, etc.


Diana Steele, Director/Teacher

1207 Mason Farm Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27514




Age range: 3–5 years (older 2’s may start, but pay surcharge of $25/month per enrolled weekday until they are 3)

Tuition: By academic year: $1,800 for 2 days/week; $2,500 for 3 days/week; $3,200 for 4 days/week

Scholarships available: Partial scholarships and/or work exchange sometimes available

Accreditation: None

Application deadline: Rolling admissions throughout the year

Application fee: There is no application fee. If a place is offered, your deposit of ten percent of the Academic Year Tuition confirms your child’s place here and applies toward tuition. Ten percent is $180 for two days/week; $250 for three days/week; or $320 for four days/week. Nine additional ten percent payments are due at the beginning of each month, from August through April. With the exception of the first $100, all tuition paid is proportionally refundable at any point with three weeks’ notice of termination.

School starts: Usually the Monday after Labor Day. Our academic year runs from early September through much of April. There is often an optional spring extension, and sometimes other special sessions.

School runs: Between 9:00am and 1:00pm. There is no provision for early arrival or late pickup.

Class size: 6:1 to 10:1

Student:teacher ratio:

Level of toilet training required: Don’t need to be “trained,” but do need to wear clothes/bottom coverings that they themselves can (learn to) manage. Send extra clothes.

Parental participation required: Not a cooperative; parents choose days for their child to bring healthy lunch materials for the group, and help them plan an organic, vegetarian meal, based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, whole grains and other unprocessed foods. We drink tap water. Parents are welcome to make other contributions—come play guitar, bake bread, rake the playground, etc. There is no fundraising required.

Special features: Home setting in natural surroundings. Adventure Playground—large area in woods, play house, garden. “River” (hose or rain) and water construction when drought conditions allow. Child does not need to speak English. We are very international.


886 Hamlet Chapel Road

Pittsboro NC 27312




Age range: 3–6 years

Tuition: $5,460, plus one-time joining fee of $350

Scholarships available: yes

Accreditation: Our Lead Teachers are certified by the American Montessori Society.

Application deadline: Ongoing. Application process begins in February for the upcoming school year. Applications are completed online only, must be received by February 28 to be considered in first round of admission and financial aid decisions.

Application fee: Non-refundable $75 application fee

School starts: Late August, ends mid-June. Summer camps also offered.

School runs: 8am – 12pm, Monday-Friday

Class size: 20-22

Student:teacher ratio: 11:1 or less

Level of toilet training required: Children need to be fully toilet-trained prior to beginning school.

Parental participation required: Yes, we ask parents to volunteer a minimum of 5 hours per semester. Parents are also responsible for restocking the food pantry two weeks per year.

Special features: We have a large outdoor space with a playground and opportunities to interact with nature. We are conveniently located between Chapel Hill/Carrboro and Pittsboro.