© 2018 — Chapel Hill and Carrboro Mothers Club

Thank you for your interest in joining the club! The Mothers Club offers a variety of ways for interested individuals to become involved. Participation in our Facebook group, in open play dates, and in select open events (such as our annual Preschool Fair) is free. Paying club dues allows members access to the following:

  • Closed playgroups that are coordinated by the club
  • A monthly newsletter highlighting events, service opportunities, local family-friendly spots, and members
  • Access to the club’s babysitters list, updated biannually
  • Access to special club-sponsored events, such as a biannual catered cook-out, an Easter egg hunt, a babysitter speed-meeting event, and others


There are two options for joining the club. A $10 annual membership or a $25 three-year membership. Membership dues are waived for those who serve on the board (interested? contact the president). If you are interested in becoming a paid member but the dues will pose a financial burden, please email the CHCMC president to discuss available options.

To pay membership dues, please click the link below.

Membership Options